Avoid cholera, ebola: Zivhu tells traders

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Avoid cholera, ebola: Zivhu tells traders Dr Killer Zivhu


20 September 2018

Dr Killer Zivhu

CROSS border traders have been urged to be ethical in doing business to avoid being at the crux of diseases.

CHIVI South Member of Parliament Honourable Killer Zivhu urged members of his association (Cross Border Traders Association of Zimbabwe) to be wary of cholera and ebola when they conduct business since the diseases have devastating effects.

“Cholera has taken lives and we must open our eyes and see that losing health is like losing peace and it is hard and costly to gain the two,” said Zivhu on the sidelines of the State of the Nation Address by President Mnangagwa yesterday at Parliament Building.

“We are receiving reports of skin diseases and ebola in other countries so cholera has awakened us to be careful.

“We must avoid diseases like ebola and other skin diseases by not bringing second hand clothes.

“President urged us to preach peace and love so we must show our love by safeguarding our nation by not bringing second hand clothing that affect their health.”

He said President Mnangagwa’s speech touched on issues that are to do with changing people’s lives he foresaw rural people’s lives changing as well as those of cross borders.

“It is true that many are surviving through buying and selling and His Excellency called for proper business and by this I urge those who are selling second hand clothing to shift to new clothing.”

Zivhu said revisiting the Rural District Councils Act would ensure proper business ethics are followed.

“On rural people, many agree with me that dams, minerals and other resources are found from rural councils and it is my hope to see rural people benefiting more and change their lives.

“His Excellency’s speech expresses that he has people at heart and has taken time to listen to the concerns of people he was addressing today,” said Hon Zivhu.

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