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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

JITI music exponent Baba Harare, who was reportedly under the weather with severe chest pains sparking a Covid-19 infection scare, has fully recovered.

His manager Filda “Mama Filo” Muchabaiwa said the 31-year-old was safe and sound.

She however said her camp was on sabbatical waiting for normalcy to return.

“Baba Harare is safe and sound at home, he is resting as is the case with most of us,” said Mama Filo.

Asked what was keeping them busy during the lockdown, she said:

“We are just home resting and we don’t want to flout the lockdown rules because we will be in trouble with the authorities.

“What I can tell you is that we are home and we will only resume shows when the situation is permitting.”

She said Baba Harare’s welfare was well catered for as he had worked hard before lockdown.

“By the way, we had our savings and we are surviving on what we had in our coffers.

“We have enough in our savings to take us for months but if the lockdown is further extended, we won’t starve.”

Mama Filo said the Hat Yemurara singer was also busy in the studio prior to the lockdown.

“Baba Harare is one such a person who would not stop doing what he loves most – recording new songs.

“Prior to the lockdown, he was in the studio and that alone shows how busy is this man that we are talking about.”

Baba Harare, who made his name under Jah Prayzah’s 3rd Generation Band as a lead guitarist and backing vocalist, has been credited for promoting jiti.

Born Braveman Chizvino, Baba Harare started off as a reggae artiste who fused a lot of genres which prompted him to call his sound Gango Music.

It’s now evident that the singer has now settled for jiti, a genre which is richly grounded in Shona tradition.

He has also been nominated for several awards and even won some in his career as a solo artiste after partying ways with Jah Prayzah.

Baba Harare is now known for his energy-sapping drills where he performs.



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