Baba Harare, Mabla 10 charm Macheso

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Baba Harare, Mabla 10 charm Macheso


5 April 2016

Baba Harare and Macheso

Baba Harare and Macheso

SUNGURA musician Alick Macheso invited 3rd Generation members Lloyd “Mabla 10” Kurima and Braveman “Baba Harare” Chizino on stage in the midst of his family show at Jongwe Corner last Sunday, much to the delight of fans.

Mabla 10 and Baba Harare

Mabla 10 and Baba Harare

The two vital cogs at Jah Prayzah’s camp were coming from their show at Tanza Centre in Zengeza 4, Chitungwiza when they made a stopover at Jongwe Corner where Macheso entertained a full house.


Baba Harare was given the lead guitar which he played with absolute finesse before being joined on stage by Mabla 10 who added colour at this event. BabaHarare&MachesoDemostratesChestMuscles@jONGWE3-4-16 (2)

BabaHarare&Mabla10InvadesChesoStageChoreographically@Jongwe3-4-16 (1)

BabaHarare&MachesoDemostratesNimbleFootedness@Jongwe3-4-16 (4)

BabaHarare&MachesoDemostratesChestMuscles@jONGWE3-4-16 (3)

BabaHarare&MachesoDemostratesNimbleFootedness@Jongwe3-4-16 (3)

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