Baba Harare releases single, video

18 Mar, 2020 - 13:03 0 Views
Baba Harare releases single, video Baba Harare


Kudakwashe Ncumani, Entertainment Reporter

BABA Harare has released his second single of 2020 titled Samatenga which has an accompanying video.

He said he was warning men to partake DNA tests to ascertain whether they are biological fathers of the children they are looking after.

“The song talks about men who take care of children who are not biologically theirs and for them to careful,” he said.

Baba Harare said the concept of the song was borrowed from the story he read in H-Metro.

“I saw a story in the H-Metro which said 70 percent of men are taking care of kids that are not theirs and I thought of creating something from that to pass this message,“ he said.

He said he was also advocating for equal rights in all his songs.

“Hakuna Mvana was a song that depicts men as unjust in the society and now Samatenga reveals men who are living with kids whom they think they are theirs whilst they are not,“ he said.

He also took the opportunity to answer critics who has been saying he competes with Jah Prayzah.

“Not even, we are not competing it’s just a coincidence that we release music videos at the same time.

“Of course when I released Hakuna Mvana, he released Asante Sana and this time I have released Samatenga and he has also released.

“However, it’s just a coincidence but there is no competition,” he said.

He said he was still in good books with his former paymaster.

“We talk almost every day, I usually visit him at his office and he calls me to correct me when I’m wrong,”  he said.

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