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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

Baba Machanic Manyeruke reckons it high time he calls it a day and wants fans to respect his decision.

The phenomenal granddaddy of Zim gospel, who turns 79 in August, said he was now focusing on ‘pimping’ up his retirement home in Chiundura, Midlands.


The Puritans founder broke the news to H-Metro shortly after his performance at the 41st Uhuru Gala held at HICC over the weekend.


“It’s high time I quit all this while fans still love me,” said the ageless acoustic guitar supremo.


He said he made up his mind after realising that there was need to give young musicians the platform to shine.


“I started entertaining crowds in 1973 and you can see that it has been a long journey but there is time when one needs to call it quits.


“I have been developing my rural home   in Ward 4, Masvori Village with the hope to settle there.


“It’s like I have brought Harare to the rural areas because the homestead is beautiful.


“I have also spoken to my children who respect my decision even though I still have the energy.


“I can’t keep on doing the same business all my life but to call the shots from the background considering my advanced age,” he said.


He however said he would be available if there is need for him to avail himself on “very special occasions”.


“To be honest with you I think I have done enough  but I will only be available on very, very special occasions and private functions like weddings  and birthday.


“In short, I’m saying promoters and other stakeholders must not consider me for public shows since I need to rest ndichiona zvipfuwo zvangu,” he said.


While gospel music is considered part of ministry which should not be stopped, Baba Manyeruke added:


“Yes I know that gospel music is ministry on its own but it’s high time fans find comfort and wisdom in my rich catalogue.


“Like any other profession, there is need for people to have a retirement plan and in this case I have invested in my rural home where I need to make a difference.”


The energetic performer who has developed a beautiful home said he was also set to save his communities.


“I have a beautiful rural home where he I have erected a borehole so I also want to save the community but providing them with safe drinking water.


“I want to be remembered not as a musician but a commodity developer so that when I die one day, people will make the correct testimonies.


“I don’t want a situation where people will gather and make fake eulogies just to please the people,” he said.


With over 15 albums to his credit, Baba Manyeruke is one of the founders of Zim gospel music along with the late Jordan Chataika and Fredom Sengwayo.


Fellow artistes Alick Macheso, Leonard Zhakata, Agartha Murudzwa, Amos Mahendere, Romeo Gasa, Allan Chimbetu also performed at the event.


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