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…sungura ace turns 52…changes poor people’s lives

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

ALICK Macheso says his tough upbringing has made him a strong man.

Although he used to cry each time he is reminded of his past – especially his father who deserted him at a tender age – Macheso says those tears are now watering the great seed of strength, resilience and hard work sowed in him.

Macheso opened up last night ahead of his 52nd birthday celebrations to be marked today.

He was born on June 10 1968 in Shamva, Mashonaland Central.

Over the years, fans and music promoters have been celebrating Baba Sharo’s birthday on song and dance.

However, this won’t be the same in 2020 as public gatherings have been banned owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The only way he will engage fans is through an online gig to be streamed live on Facebook via ZTN tonight.

Dubbed “Gara Mumba 7”, the gig, which has attracted the attention of many is powered by US based prophet Passion Java.

It will be screened live from 8pm till late.


Reflecting on his 52nd birthday celebrations, Macheso said he owed everything to God.

He said it was by the grace of the Almighty that he is still alive.

Macheso also said he was highly favoured by God to be alive at a time when most artistes of his generations have joined the great band to the sky.

“I’m one person who respects and values life to the extent that I am afraid of death,” said Macheso.

“When I reflect back on my past, I see the hand of the Lord and His favour.

“God has been protecting me all the time and I can’t say I am wise or clever than most of the people out there.

“Had it not been for his grace, I don’t think I could have been alive.”

The birthday boy urged people to be cautious in life despite challenges they face.

“I have heard people on several occasions begging for God’s mercy and protection but we also need to play our part.

“In life you choose the path that you want to take and it is that path that will define your destiny.

“It’s either you choose darkness or light on your own but God will only protect you if you take the correct path that can leave to paradise.

“We must also be careful with the people we hang around with because they have a bearing on one’s destiny,” he said.


Unlike in previous years when Macheso would get affected to the bone when reflecting on his past, he said he was now strong.

“In life we go through a lot and I have also gone through hell.

“I have now matured a lot and I can stand firm because I can’t be mourning all my life.

“In life we must come to a point where we must let of the past and start a new life.

“As a role model and humanitarian ambassador, it’s now my responsibility to help others and give them a life,” he said.”


Like any other men, Baba Sharo says he is not pure and would not live a lie.

At 52, Macheso said he has also learnt to forgive and forget about those who wronged him.

“I have realised that I am not righteous and pure   like most of the people.

“As it stands right now, I have learnt to forgive people who wronged me in the past; I have also learnt to forgive people I wronged as well.

“I have also come to a point where I realised that keep grudges would only lead one into destruction.

“If you look closely at people who don’t forgive, you will realise that some have even died of stress induced ailments like high blood pressure.

“I want to age gracefully and be a role model who can change people’s lives,” he said.


Macheso whose birthday celebrations were dampened by the Covid-19 pandemic which led to the banning of public gatherings, has a special advice to lockdown defaulters.

“Covid-19 is real and people must take precautions stipulated by health experts and the Government.

“It’s better to save lives by staying indoors and take all the precautious like sanitizing, washing hence, observing social distance  and maintaining good hygiene.

“These trying times calls us to health each other especially those in need of food.

“I have been doing the humanitarian work through the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society and I have learnt quiet a lot that we need share,” he said.


Like most of his generation, Macheso they were adapting to the new world order as a result of Covid-19.

He however said it won’t be the same again if he considers the way they used to do business.

“We have to embrace the new change but it’s still difficult for some of us.

“We were used to entertaining big crowds in big halls but now we have to do things in a new manner.

“I was also used to meeting fans and greeting them but we can’t afford to do that anymore as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Of course there is nothing we can do at the moment to cure the disease but only God only knows better.

“We keep on praying for the better days to come and we hope God will provide cure for this disease; it’s a pandemic which has affected the whole world.”


Macheso is one person who hardly wants to parade his wealth but he is happy with what he attained in a career spanning over three decades.

“My biggest achievement is my wife Mai Sharon whom I have managed to sleep over her feet through my talent.

“We have been together under thick and thin and I thank her for being a string woman who respects me a lot.

“I have managed to buy houses, plot and of course raising my kids and grandchildren.

“Another achievement I brag about is what I have done in as far as empowering my band members is concerned,” he said.

On a parting shot, Macheso said he owed everything to God, fans and family.

Happy 52nd birthday Baba Sharo!







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