LONDON. Former Manchester United assistant Mike Phelan has opened up about the struggles during his second stint at the club.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he said: “There were issues going on in that time that weren’t going on the first time round. There was a lot more attention to things in the background, within the club and the atmosphere.

“You were dealing with these things a lot more than the bits you wanted to focus on which was the football. But when you’re the manager of a massive club, the results get you.”

On Cristiano Ronaldo, he said:

“The second time round, he came in a lot older and a lot more opinionated, strong-willed.

“He still had massively high standards and was terrific to work with. But I’d probably say a tougher mindset.”

On Harry Maguire he said:

“We always knew he had strengths and weaknesses, most players do. Then the United thing came along and at that time, Harry was a top player. Nobody could say he wasn’t a top player in that position having played at Leicester.

“Yes, the fee was a lot. But you’re not in control of that.

“He’s a good footballer. Yes, there are weaknesses in his game. But they were there in his days at Hull.” The Sun

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