LOS ANGELES. — According to research from the University of Pennsylvania, guys who know how to care for a bald head are apparently seen as 13 per cent stronger, taller, and having greater leadership potential compared to those with a full head of hair. 

So if you have just shorn it all off, rejoice: you’re a big boy now!

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Look to on-screen alphas like Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and Vin Diesel (and pretty much 97 per cent of the Fast & Furious cast). 

But just because you blow up cars now, you still need to know how to look after a shaved head.

To the uninitiated, having a shaved head may seem far easier to care for. 

You save a small fortune on shampoos and conditioners.

 However, it’s not as easy going as you might think – which is why we’ve tapped London barber TJ Hunt of Ruffians to impart some of his knowledge on how to really looking after that shaved head of yours.

How to look after a shaved head

#1: Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

While it might sound super obvious to some, there are actually so many dudes out there who religiously moisturise their face and completely forget about the dome. If you have a thick covering of dense hair, then applying moisturiser directly to your scalp won’t be easy, and is highly likely to give you greasy hair (that’s why conditioner is a thing). If, however, you’ve got a shaved head, then make sure you slather that scalp with moisturiser.

#2: The sun is not your friend

With global warming and soaring temperatures, a good SPF has never been more essential. It protects the skin against prolonged damage that can cause a host of issues like premature aging, skin lesions, and even skin cancer. Because of this, more and more of us are reaching for the sun cream, but there’s one issue; some of you are totally neglecting your lovely bald head. Invest in the best.

#3: Invest in the best

How many of you are more than happy to stick a pack of Mach 3 blades on the credit card before payday, but baulk at the idea of cashing out over £20 on clippers that you’ll probably use every single week? A good pair of professional-level clippers will likely set you back £70 to £100. If you’re using these at home, they’ll last you for years and years, so they’ll be well worth the purchase. GQ magazine.

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