Baltimore. kids release single

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Baltimore. kids release single Baltimore and kids



Takawira Photovet Dapi

TRUMPETER Baltimore “Balt” Mudepu has released a single titled Hope For Us featuring his three children.

The trio of Mufaro aged seven, Takudzwa, 11, and Munashe, 23, are part of Balt’s band which has been touring Europe among other countries.

The song was composed at Baltimore Mudepu Studios in Harare.


“The song was inspired by the challenges that people are facing on their day to day lives.

“It motivates all who are heart-broken and discouraged in any way; it might be due to anything that is affecting people’s daily plans.


“In short, the song is also a motivational package to the world from Balt and kids,” he said.


Balt told H-Metro that the single was also part of his children’s mentorship efforts.


“To me, this project is a training process to these youngsters to prepare them for the future in arts and culture business.


“The young voice of Mufaro and Takudzwa proved a point as they did well in this single.


“I was impressed by the talent my kids are possessing from vocal voice projection,” he said.


Balt is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, lyrist, vocalist and producer who learnt instruments at Salvation Army church.


He started off as a trumpeter  before being snapped by dub poet Albert Nyathi and joine Imbongi Crew.


Balt toured the world Nyathi  where he raised money to set up his studios.


He seems to have passed on the baton to his children  who have assembled a group called Wenyombwe.


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