Banda calls for unity

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Banda calls for unity


17 December 2018

INCOMING ZIFA vice president Gift Banda has urged football stakeholders to unite for the development of local football.

Banda defeated outgoing vice president mega Sibanda 37-22.

“We are at a juncture where every stakeholder has to come together so that we do our things in a football way.

“Because football is a sport, football is a family sport that must unite people,” he said.

Banda added that he doesn’t hold any grudges and will let bygones be bygones.

“Yes I am the Vice President of ZIFA; you know football is a calling. I don’t hold grudges against anyone; I believe it was their way of campaign.

“But we tried to be as professional as possible. My personal campaign, I think that what made me victorious but I take this victory in humility because we are at a juncture where our football needs unity,” he said.

He added:

“I am here at this juncture because we want people united. We will let bygones be bygones.

“Because we don’t want to be start digging graves everyone has got an idea of what really happened up to the election but football after 90 minutes opponents shake hands.”

Board members:

Sugar Chagonda, Roderick Chiwanza, Philemon Machana and Brighton Malandule.

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