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Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!

Amanda Vongai Shoko has built a door out of her situation leading her to be crowned Miss Bodylicious.

The 25-year-old Banking and Finance graduate said she grabbed a chance and outwitted other nine contestants during a competitive 2019 Miss Bodylicious edition which was recently held in Kwekwe courtesy of King Solomon Café.

“I am a person who tries and utilise opportunities and I have been out of the country for many years since I was studying Banking and Finance at Mediterranean University in Cyprus.

“Like any other graduate, you come back home and start looking for a job, so I thought of trying something different and this opportunity came by.

“It’s different of what I expected but I took it as an opportunity where I just tried to explore how other ladies are interacting

“I am an entrepreneur I make crotchet tops which I started when I was still at school,” she said.

Amanda said she want to support women against body shaming and sexual abuse.

“I have learnt to develop tough skin and ignore most comments and I am hoping to have engagements with other ladies.

“I am used to it because I didn’t woke up with this structure or curves but my advice to young ladies is that they should embrace their bodies.

“We should not let people sexualise us and instead people should look at our brains not bodies.

“I value morals and as much we respect our bodies, we also need to be respected,” said Amanda.

The heavily beauty model spoke about fame and beauty.

“The way you dress is very important and as much as you want to listen to people it can affect you.

“Honestly, I haven’t been famous but maybe if you ask me in two years’ time.

“I intend to show other girls that they can do it despite challenges and circumstances.

“Young women need empowerment and I will also deal with sexual harassment in women, physical abuses on women.

“I have become the ambassador for Miss Bodylicious and for King Solomon so I will use that platform to exhibit greater exploits,” she added.

Commenting why she contested, Amanda said:

“It’s a matter of beauty with brains and I believe I was beaming with confidence and I said to myself why not test the confidence I have.

“This opportunity has seen women of mature age getting such an exposure than what we are used to like pageantry starting at 12.

“As an individual, you can go far and it’s not about our bodies but our brains,” said Amanda.

“Initially finalists were 15 before they were trimmed to 10 contestants and I became the winner.

“I want to reach out to the vulnerable children working with young women in different communities. We have to support each other as women especially with the first and second princesses of this contest.”

Amanda she is yet to know a lot of people.

“I have been in Botswana, I did my ordinary level in Bulawayo and Upper six in Botswana before I went to Cyprus.

“However, I am here in Zimbabwe because I love home and home is here,” she said.



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