‘Bar bosses abusive’

25 Mar, 2020 - 17:03 0 Views
‘Bar bosses abusive’


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

‘…forcing us to risk COVID-19’

NIGHT Clubs and Bottle Store attendants have hailed President Mnangagwa’s call for public bars to close as a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

A visit by H-Metro yesterday to various suburbs saw some of the public bars and bottle stores closed while some were operational.

One of the bar attendants at Kambuzuma described her boss as cruel for forcing them to work exposing their life to coronavirus.

“I thank President Mnangagwa for ordering the closure of entertainment areas and public bars because our lives as attendants were at risk considering that COVID-19 can be spread through breathing and spitting. Drunks spit a lot when they talk,” she said.

“Bar owners will be relaxing at back offices or in the comfort their homes while imbibers will be shouting out their orders close to our mouths and ears since music will be playing loud.

“Chances of us being infected are high because most of the people who squander their money travel much than those who do not spend much.

“Our life is more important than money; bar owners must take heed of the government’s call to close until the virus is contained.

“Apart from coronavirus, police officers deployed to maintain law and order are beating everyone they see at public bars and we are not spared.

“Our bosses do not witness such incidents so the call for closing these bars is one other good way to prevent the spreading of COVID-19,” she said urging the writer to clearly explain it better to her boss.

One of the attendants was caught sleeping on duty at a Glen Norah bar saying she was forced to report for work after her boss refused to heed government’s call to close.

“Pakaipa hanzvadzi mari tinoida asi kushanda uchitya kutapurirwa chirwere hazvinakidze apa boss vari kutimanikidza kuvhura ivo vamwe vavhara mabhawa avo,” she said.

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