BATTERED AND BRUISED. . . Woman claims she went through hell in Lusaka

Latwell Nyangu

A ZIMBABWEAN, Amanda Banhwa, says she went through hell when she was arrested, assaulted and detained in Zambia when she was in Lusaka for the ABSA Marathon.

Over 4 000 participants turned up for the event with hopes of participating at the 42 km distance and the 21km as well as 10km fun and walk on August 26.

The marathon was held at the Lusaka Showgrounds.

Some of the Zimbabwean athletes who were there for the marathon are Goodhope Ruswa, Dan Gracious Mangei and Davison Madzivanyika.

A day before the marathon, Amanda said her ordeal started when the car she was driving, which had Zimbabwean registration plates, was stopped by some Zambian security personnel.

She said she has since contacted authorities in Zambia and Zimbabwe to appraise them of the suffering she endured.

Amanda said:

“I went to Zambia on August 24 for the ABSA Marathon in Lusaka,” she told H-Metro.

“On August 25, after we had collected our race packs at the showgrounds, we were driving with a Zambian friend, Nick Chibwe, towards a place we were going to eat food.

“As we were driving (myself and three other friends from Zimbabwe – Gracious, Diva and Goodhope), we saw a black car with police with guns.

“They signalled to our car to stop before they showed us their guns and they were acting so violently.

“We complied and stopped our car, we didn’t know what we had done wrong.

“They quickly got out of their car and forced other vehicles to stop as they forced us to the side of the road.”

She added:

“I saw four police officers, three male and one female, the female was very respectful and did nothing wrong.

“They pulled us out of our car.”

Amanda said they were forced to lie on the ground and claims they were then kicked repeatedly.

She said she was kicked on the head.

“They started asking us why we were in Zambia and they were beating us and dragging us.

“They pulled us into a car (black) which had two other men and drove us to the Central Police station.

“In all this, they had not asked for our passports…they did not even introduce themselves.

“Up to now I still don’t understand.

“Is it wrong to be a Zimbabwean?”

She said they were detained for about four hours before being released.

“We were detained from around 12 till around 4pm. For what? Being a Zimbabwean?

“With the help of Nick, finally, they finally saw that for real we were here for the marathon.

“But, was this all called for?

“No weapons, nothing, just because I am driving a Zimbabwean number plate car, I was brutally abused.

“Is this what is supposed to happen? Just because we are foreigners? I need answers. I was brutally abused and detained for a crime I didn’t commit.

“I need answers.”

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