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6 June 2016

The stories we have published of university students being up to no good should not be made to tarnish the images of the universities.

Most of the times, the incidents are about a handful of students but their actions tend to taint the image of the whole university in a typical one rotten egg in a basket scenario.

Universities have thousands of students at a time and in a world as imperfect as this one, you are bound to find a couple of students that will do some regrettable things acting without the benefit of intellect.

A couple of students could record a sex tape, have sex before marriage, experiment with homosexuality, go clubbing at night, abuse drugs and alcohol etcetera. These are all actions of ruined young minds that need guidance, some that are even beyond the guidance.

When the media covers their shenanigans or their sins to be more appropriate, we are not saying this is what every university student is up to. Rather we are alerting parents, guardians, even university authorities of some of the situations and temptations their children are exposed to.

While they cannot guard their children 24-7, especially if they reside in campus, it is important for parents and guardians to know what they need to prepare their children for BEFORE they embark on university life.

For most issues, the Bible and the Koran (seeing as these two books represent the values of the biggest religions in Africa and the world) can assist to guide and direct students on righteous courses to take in this world where continents are beginning to influence each other. The country’s customs are also key in that respect, if the student is neither a Christian or Muslim.

While the world is a global village, each country – especially here in Africa – has its values and norms and sex in school, safe or unsafe, homosexuality, recording sex tapes . . . are no-go areas in Zimbabwe.

It is a great thing that the country has mature leaders who will not tolerate any suggestion that comes from other countries or international organisations whose aim may only be to make money.

When parents send their children for tertiary education, they expect them to learn not to engage in immoral acts such as sex before marriage or worse still, homosexuality.

The students that reach university level will have done well in their early academic life and to be involved in such acts when they had almost finished school is really sad and dangerous.

And with regards the recording of videos or taking pictures whilst engaging in sexual acts, both the law of the country and our morals as a people are against such acts.

When the media publishes stories like these, it is to warn the rest of society not to engage in such practices.

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