“Beauty doesn’t make you a model”

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“Beauty doesn’t make you a model”


4 July 2018

A meme recently made rounds addressing how all skinny girls automatically think they are models when all they need to do is eat, such is the local modelling industry.

After a few compliments of how pretty one is, they rush to qualify themselves as “models” when looks are just but half of it.

Prominent fashion designer, Paidemoyo Chideya of Demoyo, who has had the privilege of working with world renowned designers like Michael Kors said there is need for talent identification.

“There is a gap in the market in terms of talent identification and nurturing that talent for shows, television and models.

“Because there is such a wide gap, a lot of people believe that they have specific talents that they have no business engaging in.

“Just because you are pretty, it doesn’t make you a model, we want to take a different approach to beauty.

“In order to qualify on an international level, we need to start categorising and teaching those standards on a local level,” Chideya told H-Metro.

Demoyo had previously announced that they would be hosting a two day boot camp at their Avondale Showroom this coming weekend in an effort to bring out people’s different talents, but it has been moved to August.

Chideya will be joined by two secret facilitators and she said they are inviting runway, plus size models, actors and extras.

“The purpose of the boot camp is to get men and women who are interested, to develop their God given talents and how to harness those to create abundance, in other words money and career.

“I have had a lot of experience with world famous models, and I realise that I can help a lot of people develop their ideas and skills, my personal emphasis is on creative skills.

“New models can enrol, this is a boot camp to join our agency, you have to pass the course and it doesn’t matter if you already have an agency as this is a high resolution course for anyone who is ready to take their talent to another level,” she said in conclusion.

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