Beckhams’ emphatic reactions to Messi cup

INTER Miami founder David Beckham went wild with wife Victoria after his team won their first-ever trophy, thanks to another stunning Lionel Messi performance.

The Beckhams were lost for words on the field at Geodis Park as they watched Messi lift the trophy with team-mate Jordi Alba, embracing one another in a touching moment. Beckham won 19 major trophies during his career as a footballer, but it’s his first piece of silverware since retiring and turning to club ownership.

The president and co-owner of Miami and Salford City had a proud look in his eyes as he saw the team he founded in 2018 become Leagues Cup champions.

He embraced Messi, hugged Alba and shared a touching moment with wife Victoria on the pitch.

Miami only made their MLS debut in 2020, and now they have Messi, Alba, and Sergio Busquets in their squad. It was a defining moment in football too, not just North America, as it saw Messi become the most decorated player in history. The Leagues Cup title was Messi’s 44th career trophy – a stunning achievement.

The final against Nashville SC was Messi’s toughest test yet, and they were arguably the better team throughout the majority of the game.

Nashville were also at their home stadium for the final, meaning that the majority of the 30,000 fans were rooting against Messi, booing him at every opportunity.

But Messi silenced them in the best possible way, scoring a stunning goal inside 24 minutes to give Miami the lead. Messi skipped past five players before curling an effort into the top-left corner to score his 10th goal in a Miami shirt.

Messi has averaged 1.43 goals per game since making his Miami, despite Beckham warning fans that it may take some time for the 36-year-old to settle in.

“Leo’s still going to need time no matter how good he is, no matter what his stature is, he and Sergio are going to need time to adapt no matter,” said Beckham.

They might surprise us, we might start winning every single game, but we have to be patient.”

But his warning wasn’t needed as Miami have won every game since his arrival and now have a trophy for their hard work.

It’s quite the contrast to how their season was going, as head coach Phil Neville was sacked by Miami before a deal for Messi was agreed.

Miami remain bottom of the Eastern Conference with just five wins in 22 games, and although the Leagues Cup triumph is big for the team, it doesn’t change where they are in MLS.

But if they continue this form they’ll soon fly up the table, and we could be on for another dramatic playoff saga in the MLS Cup.

Beckham changed MLS forever when he signed for LA Galaxy in 2007, and he’s helped transform it again by signing Messi. Mirror Sport.

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