Beenie Man calls shots

It was a deliberate move when Moses ‘Beenie Man’ Davis decided to name his latest album Simma, as he said it was in an effort to silence all the ‘noise in the market’.

According to Beenie Man, who is considered the King of Dancehall, “Is because everybody a mek noise an’ a talk bout king an’ king an’ king, but mi tell dem fi ‘simma’ because the king is still here! Suh a dat a di reason for the name, ‘cause dem did waan name it [the album] ‘King sumn’ and ‘dis sumn’, but is not for you to live inna yuh own ting, but for you to move on from which part yuh a come from to where you’re going.”

Beenie Man said that since the release of Simma on August 31, the feedback and comments have been great.

“Reception has been wicked, trust mi. If yuh guh online and listen to any comment, you will know wah gwaan. There is not one bad comment about the album, because every man like a different song, every man love a different style, dem like how the lyrics flow, how mi deejay in a new fashion, new style, everything,” he said.

He added, “The album nuh sound like me enuh, yuh jus know sey a me … the album jus different.”

Beenie Man said he personally likes Simma “because the whole body of work is great producers, great riddim makers, some of the best in world”.

“Suh mi guh work back wid Jeremy Harding (who he worked with previously on Who Am I), and we work with some new producers like Frankie Music, and we find an album that is really enticing and entertaining,” he said. “Mi cyaan seh the album is perfect because no man is perfect, but the music can be.”

It has been six years since his last album, adding that this latest body of work is “long overdue”.

The dancehall icon said that he will be planning a ‘Simma’ tour next year. Jamaica Star

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