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20 December 2017


MUNICIPAL police were told they risk losing their jobs after destroying a beggar shack at Fife Avenue Shopping Centre.

The unidentified woman believed to be mentally-challenged prayed in front of the officers saying they were going to lose their jobs after destroying her children’s shelter and holy waters in the shack.

“Dzinza rangu munoriziva here, mauya makawanda kudaro kuzorwisana neni nevana vangu, mabasa enyu arikuzopera nekuda kwekupaza miteuro yangu nekusiya vana vangu pachena,” she was heard saying as she confronted the officers.

“I won’t tell you my name because you will visit a sangoma, I come from Domboshava, ndinonamatira paCoca Cola paMadzibaba Israel ini.

“You can destroy this shack and you will be cursed,” she said collecting few belongings that included mealie-meal.

Municipal police officers came in their numbers and destroyed the shack using a bulldozer and filled three trucks to ferry all that was in the shack.

Shop owners had complained to municipality over the shack reported to have been releasing unpleasant stench scaring customers off since it was too close to the shops.

In an interview with H-Metro, the beggar said she allowed the officers to destroy the shack saying some gifts come with bad omen.

“Some of these gifts are not pure since others come with curses, zvimwe zvinouya nenhamo dzinenge dzakadeketerwa padziri ngavaparadze zvavo.

“My child is a dancer at Macheso, the other one is an accountant so I’m sure I will get new stuff,” she said refusing to give her name.


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