Beginner’s makeup guide

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Beginner’s makeup guide


13 June 2018


…starter pack basics


Most women have a secret desire to have that perfect makeup look but never know how to go about it.

Getting the perfect beat can be quite tricky, it takes a lot of practise and watching ridiculous amounts of Youtube tutorials.

“What can I buy first?” is one of the most often asked questions and below we are going to go through the basics for makeup beginners.

Brows on fleek

This may be perhaps the most important part of the modern woman’s makeup routine and by far the most time consuming.

In recent years women around the world fell in a frenzy to get the “perfect” brows and ditching the over-tweezed, thin eyebrows.

You won’t get it on first attempt unless you are a makeup genius but eventually you will.

Your starter pack comprises of a brown eyeliner or brow gel of your choice, an angle brush and concealer.

In good time you will learn to throw in extras, blending brushes and all. The key is starting off by focusing on technique and finding your arch.

Black eyebrows are outdated and they tend to make a person look aggressive so opt for the softer brown option in the form of pencils or gel and not liquid liner.

Flawless skin

Foundations are different, they may be alike but are never the same. They differ in consistence, texture, undertones and vary from powder, liquid to cream,

A good foundation will last you at least six months, depending on how generous you are when applying.

When making a purchase be sure to try out first and find the perfect shade match, don’t be scared to ask for assistance but don’t be forced into making a purchase you are unsure of.

Check for reviews if need be and pick the coverage of your choice.

Not all foundations are full coverage so do take note of that when making your decision; most brands specify on the container.

If you have dry skin you might want to opt for oil based foundations and if you have oily skin water-based and powder foundations are your friends.

Eye do

Eye makeup seems to require years and years of practise, it’s easy to go from a day look to a night in the blink of an eye.  Be cautious especially when applying eyeshadow.

Eyeshadows make a huge difference and its best to go light on them if you are unsure of yourself lest you end up looking like a clown.

Mascara is probably most women’s go to when they start to experiment with makeup. It prevents the no-lash effect that applying eyeshadow, face powder creates and makes your lashes look longer,darker and thicker.

It is a very flattering and addictive addition and you are spoiled for choice.

You can choose to play it safe by going for black mascara or be more daring by adding colour.

Eyeliner is also of great importance in your starter pack, a quick tip for a good cat-eye is to use a liquid liner or gel instead of a pencil.


Lip sensation

Lately it seems as if everyone owns a handful of lipsticks and if you aren’t part of the movement yet, jump in!

Your first lipstick doesn’t have to be red, most people start off with purples and slowly ease into it till they are brave enough to try out brighter colours.

You also have options of nudes and lip glosses are slowly but surely making a comeback so why not hoard some to get the plain look off your face.

When using nude colours on your lips, you might want to use a lip liner for definition and to escape the “hunger games” look.


Ready, Set…

The goal is to always be looking as matte as possible if you are not after the dewy look, so it is important to set your foundation.

If you want your makeup to stay in place you need to powder up using a setting powder or your regular face powder.

Setting your makeup makes it less transferable and patchy, you can get away with putting just powder and if you are feeling extra get a bottle of setting spray for that desired long-wear.

It’s okay to have your own makeup preferences and not follow trends as some of them may be ridiculous and short-lived. The key is to be comfortable in your own skin so do not be afraid to experiment.

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