Believe in yourself: Ras Caleb

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Believe in yourself: Ras Caleb Ras Caleb


Bethel Moyo, Entertainment Reporter

ZIM DANCEHALL star Ras Caleb says he felt in love at a young age and he believes on himself.

He made opened up after his performance on Yadah TV early this week under the Young Of Innovation (YOi) initiative where he shared the staged with fellow artistes.


In an interview, Ras Caleb said he got the platform to express his talent at a young age.


“I grew up in the Salvation Army. They used to give us opportunities to present small plays and sing hymns in church as ‘junior soldiers’.


“I fell in love with music and knew that’s what I wanted from an early age.


“Buju Banton and Jah Seed from Bongo Muffin inspired me,” he said.


The Tokwe Mukosi singer he believed in collaborations and synergies with other artistes.


“I do collaborations. I have worked with various artistes such as Jah Love, Master H Mizdee, Thelma just to name a few.


“I’m also very active behind the scenes grooming young artists,” he said.


On his experience after working performing at church, he explained:


” I try not to make a big deal out of things.


“I always fit in so I have no problem with people.”


As a seasoned chanter he is, Ras Caleb has a piece of advice to his fellows.


“My advice is work, pray, read and believe in yourself.


“I try by all means to reach as many fans by staying active on social media.”


With most of his peers stranded on lockdown, the singer said he would not rest on his laurels.


“Plenty of music coming this year so stay tuned in.


“I have single and selected riddim features that I will do.


“I have also some records that I’m working on in SA so look out for.


“It’s not yet complete but it’s called Hu Khou Itea Mini which is Venda for what’s going on.


“Look out for this as well,” he said.

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