Belvedere diarrhoea scare

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Belvedere diarrhoea scare


Shalom Manguni, H-Metro Reporter

. . . institution closes early

SEVERAL students are reported to have suffered from diarrhoea which could be the reason why the institution of higher learning closed before the school term calendar provision.

Most students left the institution last Thursday while yesterday was said to be the last day where most students had to vacate the college.

Speculation has been that the cases of diarrhoea had increased prompting the college to close earlier, a theory which was dismissed by the institution though acknowledging case of diarrhoea at the institution.

College principal Julia Mbofana confirmed diarrhoea cases but said early closure was to make students have ample time to look for internship as well as the institution to preapare for graduation ceremony scheduled for next week.

Some students who opened about the diarrhoea cases said they suspected that food offered at the institute was causing diarrhoea.

A first year wood technology student said the outbreak mainly affected those who stay at school.

“The situation was terrible on Wednesday (last week) night because people were affected while some are still sick.

“We were supposed to close this week but due to the outbreak, the college ordered people to go home last week, and the college closed yesterday,” she said.

A Mathematics student added:

“We ate cold food on Thursday and I’m suspecting that could be the reason why people were infected.

“People started vomiting, stomach cramps, headaches and dehydration and we were certain that this might be diarrhoea since there are a number of diarrhoea cases recorded in Harare.”

An unidentified staff also confirmed the diarrhoea outbreak saying many people suspect the food.

Mbofana said cases of diarrhoea could be emanating from buying food from vendors by the main gate adding that she also consumes the meals taken by students but has not suffered.

“The reasons why we closed earlier are that we wanted them to prepare for industrial attachment for those who are due for attachment and we also wanted to prepare for our 2019 graduation ceremony.

“Some students left but some are still at the institution,” Mbofana said.

Mbofana said some students were treated of diarrhoea while some would throw away the medication given to them.

“Some had diarrhoea and they were treated but some would throw the pills in the bins.

“I’m also having the same meals but nothing happened. I am suspecting that it could be outside food.

“We also asked the students to come and get tested for diarrhoea but no one came forward,” added Mbofana.

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