Bev dates BV Labien financier

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Bev dates BV Labien financier



Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

BEVERLY Sibanda’s affair with BV Labien Musica financier Simon “Chamangwana” Ndingindi came to test on Sunday night when they were spotted caressing each other at a local night club.

Bev’s manager Hapaguti “Harpers” Mapimhidze was confronted by fans over the dancer’s whereabouts when her time was due at Hollys’ Hotel & Night Club only for her to be spotted in the arms of Chamangwana.

Holly’s Hotel is a spitting distance away from where Bev and Chamangwana were spotted.

Beverly Sibanda and Simon ‘Chamangwana’ Ndingindi

The confrontation by Bev’s manager distracted merry-makers who were left with more questions than answers.

H-Metro was on spot and captured the two as they posed for a ‘selfie’ in the club before Bev was whisked away by Harpers for her performance.

Asked about their affair, Chamangwana could neither confirm nor deny the allegations saying he had known Bev for some time and that he always checks on her.

“I cannot say we are in love or not but what I know is that Bev and I have known each other for some time now and those who conclude that we are lovers cannot be blamed,” said Chamangwana.

“I saw you taking pictures as well, so this is it atoenda Bev tangatichitandara that is it,” he said refusing to answer more questions.

Bev refused to entertain H-Metro but her manager confirmed the relationship saying it is not a sin.

“Bev is free to give her heart to anyone he loves and with Chamangwana they are always together and I only disturb Bev when it comes to her performances,” said Harpers.

Over the years, Bev has been linked with a number of popular figures among them footie stars, musicians, socialites, business executives and politicians.

She has also threatened to expose some men she dated over the years.

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