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… ‘Covid-19 has eroded our earnings’

… ‘defiance will take us nowhere’

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

PHENOMENAL dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda on Monday conceded all was not well for the creative sector, especially club dancers.

She however vowed to continue using her ‘personal savings’ to support her members and ensure they won’t starve or get chucked out from their lodgings.

The 28-year-old, who has been fending for her 10-piece outfit since the Covid-19 lockdown in March, reckons she assumed the role of ‘bread-winner’ both at home and ‘away’.

With all the eyes on her, the Sexy Angels boss said she was doing her best to ensure that her members are safe, at least for now.

“We all know that life is no longer the same, especially for us in the creative sector where we relied on public performances.

“As it stands, the Covid-19 pandemic has rendered us jobless and the majority of the dancers who used to provide entertainment from Monday to Sunday are jobless.

“As a group leader, I can’t forsake them now because we have been together for a while,” she said.


Asked how she was sustaining herself, Bev said:

“Of course I have my savings but my hubby has been helping me a lost to pay domestic bills.

“If I get something extra, I always think of my group members who also look up to me for survival as has been always the case.

“I have a loyal male dancer who has been us from day one and is the one who is giving me headaches since he is need for rentals.

“I have done my best to cover for his rentals but there comes a time when the life becomes difficult for everyone.

“As for other female dancers, some are into buying and selling of perishables and I have taught them to think outside the boxes.

“There are however some who have boyfriends who have been supporting them but that is not a guarantee.

“It’s now time for everyone to do something which can bring food on the table than relying on handouts.”

She however lashed out at music promoters who have completely forgotten club dancers opting for those who play for established musicians.

“I have been following all those people who have been handing hampers to dancers but we seem to have been forgotten, especially club dancers.

“All those dancers who have joined groups in the mainstream industry started off as club dancers before they were identified by band leaders.

“We are a nursery of such dancers but we are forgotten when there is aid which is being given out for free,” she said.


Despite getting support from her husband from diaspora, Bev is also into buying and selling of expensive hairpieces.

“I have always been a hustler over the years and at the moment I am selling expensive hairpieces.

“It’s only that my stocks are depleted but I do expect my consignment soon since its coming from overseas.

“I have realised that I need to have a fallback plan so that I won’t starve at home which is the case with most of us,” she said.

Bev said the Covid-19 lockdown has come as a lesson to the creative sector that they need to need to invest.

“This lockdown has come as a lesson to us that we need to start invest or have savings.

“Right now we have been leaving on food handouts since we don’t even know when this thing will be under control.

“We might be forced to leave with it for years and this would mean more misery to those who did not have other sources of income.

“However, we need to forgive some of us because we all caught unaware and the world is reeling from the crisis.

“Covid-19 has affected every sector but life needs to go on,” she said.


Bev who has been spending most of her time indoors along with her son said prevention was better than cure.

“It appears many people are not taking this thing seriously because they haven’t lost their loved ones.

“As Zimbabweans we have a problem of wanting to take action when misfortune strikes a close member pf the family.

“It’s high time we take precautions because statistics don’t lie.

“If you follow the news and look at the rate of new infections at home, you will surely realise that we are in trouble.

“We simply need to sanitise, wear face masks all the time and observe hygiene all the time.

“Without due care and taking precautions, we will continue dying of this disease.

“So prevention is better than cure and those in denial are only digging their own graves.”




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