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Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

MOST CHURCHES with big numbers of people closed doors yesterday and followed their leaders on live streaming to prevent COVID-19.

Most of the Roman Catholic Churches, some Apostolic Faith Church in Zimbabwe, some Salvation Churches, United Family International church and Prophetic Healing and Deliverance ministries were shut yesterday with the option of live streaming for congregants.

Those who conducted business had few people.

PHD Ministries

UFIC church, led by Prophet Makandiwa, issued a directive to all their branches to suspend services and gatherings.

Below is the statement;

“In the light of the pronouncement on the 17th March by the Zimbabwe Government on the Covid-19 popularly known as Corona Virus pandemic, all UFIC branches and Zones take note of the following:

  1. All branch/zonal midweek services and gatherings are suspended with immediate effect until further notice.
  2. All Sunday Church gatherings across the country are suspended with immediate effect.
  3. The Agape pastors and leaders’ seminar penciled for 28thMarch at Life Haven is suspended.
  4. There will be no gatherings for Easter Conference, which was scheduled for the 10thto 13thApril 2020 (further announcements on live streaming will be communicated).
  5. The Annual Youth Camp Conference, which was scheduled for the 27thof April to the 2ndof May 2020, is suspended.
  6. Sunday services will be conducted through live-streaming from headquarters at the time for all our worldwide branches.
  7. In Zimbabwe we can have families watching together.
  8. The rest of the branches outside Zimbabwe, please follow your local laws in the countries you are domiciled as previously communicated.
  9. Ensure proper hygiene practices as guided by our health personnel and the guidelines circulated.

Our offices remain open throughout this period during normal working hours. Should you require any further clarification please contact the contact the head office.

Goodness and Mercy Ministries

Prophet Walter Magaya said he had to live stream to thousands of his followers he said are in 136 countries.

“Today I had to do live streaming where I warned people and encouraged them to exercise health measures needed by those who are monitoring COVID-19.

“We adhered to the limited number allowed in each country since we have cell groups in 136 countries and each country has its own limit.

“We have not received any report of COVID-19 victim among our members in all the 136 countries and I stand by the prophecy made by my father and SCOAN leader TB Joshua that the pandemic would come to pass.

“Effects of COVID-19 to our services were felt since we depend on numbers and offerings to meet rentals on some of the properties where our members meet in various countries,” said Prophet Magaya.

Prophet Tapiwa Freddy of Goodness and Mercy ministries could not be reached for comment but a visit at his base in Glen View saw carpenters working on a new roof and no service was held.

Most apostolic faith churches popularly known for their white garments conducted their church services with most not having many people.

New United Apostolic Faith Church pastor Rosemary Mangwanya urged people not to live in fear and put their faith in God.

“As church we were not given a spirit of fear since the Bible is clearly written about diseases that will come,” said Pastor Mangwanya.

“Takaudzwa kuti tisatye zvazvino kana zvinouya asi kuti tivimbe na Mwari bedzi saka paCOVID-19 Mwari ndiye simba redu neupenyu,” she said.

A Bible student with Disciples in Action School of Theology and Missions (DIASTAM) Fungai Chidziva encouraged people to read the Bible saying everything concerning people was written including diseases like COVID-19.

“Do not be fooled by people who claim to have received prophecies concerning coronavirus, it’s like a teacher denying students access to the answer book,” said Chidziva.

“God, through the inspired word the Bible, told us everything from the book of Genesis to Revelations and self-styled prophets read it and when standing before a congregation claim that they are seeing visions or hearing God’s word.

“All what is being said about CORONAVIRUS was written in the book of Leviticus chapter 13 and 14 including number of isolation days until one infected is cleansed.

Apostolic Faith sects

“Musanyeperwe nevanotsvaka mbiri Bible ngariverengwe kwete kunyepera kuona zvinhu zviripachena zvakanyorwa.

“Vaimbi vanongotorawo verse muBible voimba saka hatingaiiti prophecy iyoyo Mwari atsamwira nyika yose saka arikuda kuratidza hukuru hwake pasi rose kuti rivimbe naye kwete anazvinafundo kana anachiremba nemasvikiro,” said Chidziva describing the Bible as the manual for people’s life.

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