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SUNGURA lovers are in for a real treat tomorrow when Alick Macheso leads an array of artists in this particular genre at the Harare International Conference Centre.

Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria, Baba Harare, Mark Ngwazi, Suluman Chimbetu, Shantel Sithole and Audinance Kuimba are part of the bill, thanks to Gateway Stream Music.

Event coordinator, Elton Kurima, said it was all systems go.

“We are on track with our schedule and happy with the preparations.

“As Gateway Stream Music, we are hoping this becomes an annual arrangement and we can promise more events to come our way,” he said.

Kurima said they were looking at creating business opportunities for the artists.

“We also look forward to creating a win-win partnership with artists by creating a platform that will propel them to the next stage of their career,” he said.

Kurima said they will continue to invest in local talent.

 “We believe our local talent is a match to any regional or international acts.

Suluman Chimbetu

“This is why we are driven to partner with artists; create great world-class productions, and give artists a big stage and an overall best experience for the audience. 

“Our strategy is to showcase all the local music genres as they appeal to different market segments.”

Kurima assured fans that they will certainly get real value for their money.

As expected, the Macheso-Ngwazi debate will once again be re-ignited at the event.

However, the two camps say they are not out to compete but complement each other.

Madzibaba Zakaria is expected to add decency at the event with Sulu set to provide variety.

Baba Harare will also sample new songs off his forth-coming album titled Zimbabwe Giant.

Shantel Sithole has a bias towards Kanindo.

Audience Kuimba will be out to prove to the fans he was not invited to add numbers.

Gateway Stream Music, which recently held the successful Redefined concert in June 2022, has come into the picture as game-changers.

Jah Prayzah also launched the “Gwara” album on the platform.

Other artists, who have performed on the platform include Janet Manyowa, Winky D, Amara Brown, Benjamin Dube, Poptain, Anita Jackson, Ishan, Nutty O, Sulu and Andy Muridzo.

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