Biggie Tembo’s wife bites neighbour

15 Mar, 2019 - 16:03 0 Views
Biggie Tembo’s wife bites neighbour Ratidzai Marasha


Rumbidzai Rambanapasi, Court Reporter

RATIDZAI Marasha, widow to the late music legend Biggie Tembo, has been dragged to court for biting her neighbour’s cheek.

Stella Kasusu opened up at Harare Civil Court where she applied for peace order against Ratidzai accusing her of physical abuse.

“She is my neighbour and she once acted as an aunt when she accompanied my daughter to her in-laws.

“She assaulted me when I confronted my other neighbour on an affair with my husband; that is when we fought and Ratidzai ended up biting my cheek.

“I was seriously injured, doctor’s report confirms that and she also struck me with a piece of firewood on my forehead,” she said.

In response, Ratidzai said:

“Your worship, don’t grant her the peace order because she is the one who insulted me saying that my late husband died of a terminal illness and that I was next.

“I fought with her when she was tarnishing my late husband’s image in the community, this is because my husband was a well-known person.

“I am now afraid to go to my farm or to church as she keeps stalking me everywhere and insulting me in public,” she said.

Ratidzai added:

“Chipo is a trouble-maker, she fought with almost everyone in our neighbourhood and Judith can bear me witness.”

Presiding Magistrate Noah Gwatidzo dismissed the application urging both parties to live in peace.

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