‘Bindura water safe’

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‘Bindura water safe’ Shangwa Mavesera


Desmond Munemo, H-Metro Reporter

Bindura water has been declared safe amid speculation of cyanide contamination following a spate of violence between residents and a gang of violent artisanal terror group known as “MaShurugwi”.

Bindura Town Council Shangwa Mavesera allayed fears of water poisoning from a dangerous Cyanide chemical.

“There is no water poisoning of municipal water as speculated by some sections because it’s almost impossible to do that but we however did some test just to instill confidence in people.

“Our water works is well protected and it’s impossible to gain access.

“People might assume the poisoning can be done through the pipes but it’s still impossible since the water flows through the pipes with so much pressure that can shove a person away as it gushes going up,” he said.

The town clerk also told this publication that he engaged Bindura residents and assured them of the safety measures taken to protect water from any harm.

“The police also came and we toured them around the water works and security has also been beefed up from the existing one.

“They have also assured residents of their safety from makorokoza who have been a menace.

“These are two groups of illegal miners that started all this and we assume they are the ones who just threatened people with unspecified action and that are when all this cyanide versions started popping up,” he added.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi spoke to H-Metro and said investigations on the reported case of violence are underway.

“I can confirm that an alleged violence erupted in Bindura where on youth started a brawl another at a mining site and took the fight to a shopping center which escalated as some joined in.

“As is stands, no deaths cases of violence or water poisoning has been reported to the police.

“We urge peace in mining areas and people should not carry weapons when going to the mines or shopping places,” said Ass Comm Nyathi.

The assurance comes after social media messages speculations over Cyanide poisoning in Bindura.

“On Monday, the 16th of September, there was a fierce battle between Bindura residents and MaShurugwi (illegal miners from Shurugwi).

“Different organisations and the community held a six hour meeting at Chipadze business centre, in Tendai hall, figuring out how best they can get rid of MaShurugwi.

“It is said that MaShurugwi groups are terrorising people, blocking roads and robbing innocent citizens.

“If ZRP personnel tries to assist, MaShurugwi- korokozas are said to attack them (ZRP) at their homes or whilst alone.

“The environment is now unfriendly for ZRP personnel to execute their duties.

“Last year, in 2018, the MaShurugwi-korokozas attacked and killed the Army personnel.

“It is said that makorokoza varikugezera pama boreholes pachena, vasina kupfeka. Vanogarira vanhu husiku vachiita zve robbery.

“They also raid and robber muma gold claims vachitora gold ore, machinery and money.

“They rape women at night at knife point. Vanoitawo raid ma sex workers vachivatorera mari and sleeping with them for no payment.

“A lot is happening yet covered by the darkness of the night.

“On the 16th of September, the Bindura residents joined hands and chased Mashurugwi out of the neighborhood.

“Some of the Mashurugwi ran away, some were captured. Their cars and properties were destroyed.

“Buildings and houses that were used as accommodation by MaShurugwi were demolished.

“Bindura residents vowed they will not stop fighting this war until the state has intervened for the better.

“In fighting back, it has been said that MaShurugwi-korokozas have poisoned piped water at the Bindura water treatment plant.

“The residents are still waiting to hear from the council officials. This might be the beginning of a new civil conflict,” read the message.


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