Tanaka Mahanya

AFRICAN Wildlife Foundation country director, Olivia Mufute, says biodiversity conservation is critical in mitigating the effects of climate change.

She said this can work in dealing with deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and other human activities.

Speaking at the launch of the Zimbabwe Biodiversity Economy (ZBE) Report yesterday, Mufute hailed the report as a means of addressing issues related to biodiversity loss in the country and positioning the biodiversity economy as a key economic sector to invest in.

She said the launch was a demonstration of Zimbabwe’s commitment to fulfilling its regional and international obligations and commitments.

Mufute called for a complementary approach to development and conservation, ensuring that the two were not contradictory.

“The successful implementation of various recommendations put forward in the ZBE report will promote poverty reduction and economic growth as various groups, including the women and youth, private sector and the government can tap into various opportunities presented in bioprospecting and bio trade, fisheries, wildlife and forestry sectors. 

“The role of the private sector, in conserving and using biodiversity in a sustainable manner, should also be put into consideration, as the nation pursues its ambition of a prosperous and Upper Middle-Income Economy by 2030,” she said.

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