Birth certificates for 100 orphans

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Birth certificates for 100 orphans Betsy


28 November 2018


More than 100 orphans without documents are set to have birth certificates, thanks to a United Kingdom based organisation, Citizen Rights Centre.

The organisation’s founder and chief executive officer Betsy Simm said their objective is mainly to ensure that orphaned children are not denied opportunities to attain education due to failure to acquire birth certificates.

“Citizenship Rights Centre (CRC) is a UK based organisation which aims to promote citizenship rights and end broken dreams for vulnerable individuals living undocumented.

“The organisation aims to ensure that every individual so deserving, is accorded the status of being a citizen through the attainment of birth certificates.

“There are various organisations who donate money and food in orphanages but as an organisation we realised that people usually overlook the issue of birth certificates for children in orphanage that is why as an organisation we decided to fill the gap.

“Our objective is not to just ensure that the children have birth certificates but we want the birth certificate to assist them in getting enrolled in schools since birth certificates are requirement by schools,” she said.

In doing their noble work, Betsy said they are facing challenges chief among them failure to contact known relatives of the children.

“The process is not easy, we face various challenges among them human and financial challenges, however the biggest challenge is contacting known relatives of the children.

“We also make sure that we pay registration fee, bus fare for relatives to attend at registrar’s office, meeting with the headman to complete and sign affidavits.

“For some children one has to travel to where the child was born, some parents don’t have particulars so we help acquire them – money is key,” he said.

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