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BIRTHDAY BOY JP RELEASES GWARA  Scenes from one of the videos


…passion drives me …I’m under pressure to deliver

Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

Jah Prayzah says his deep seated passion for music drives him despite all the fame and fortunes amassed in the past decade or so as a professional artiste.

The Uzumba bred music stalwart who turned 34 yesterday said he still wants to give his fans more soothing stuff as long as breathes.

Jah Prayzah

In his birthday message, Jah Prayzah, who also released his 11th album titled Gwara via Gateway Live Stream yesterday, said he was living his dream.

Not only is he living his dream but Jah Prayzah told H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle that he wants to continue burning a trail of success and inspire future generations.



The multiple award-winning star also told this publication that he sees God’s grace as he opens another calendar with pride.


“It feels great growing up and raising my children as a young and focused father.


“I would like to thank God for this great favour and blessings that He gave me.


“I have also realised that time is moving and I am not growing younger anymore which means more wisdom and grace to me.


“I think it’s a birthday well deserved and I will always appreciate God’s love,” he said.


The immensely gifted crooner said he had no regrets in his life as he celebrates 34 years.


“In life, I embrace every situation that I face and it really inspires me to work hard and think outside the box.


“In life we need to be grateful for all the things God has done for us and we need to appreciate each other and learn from the experiences that we encounter in life,” said the birthday boy.


Despite all the success and fame which continues to trail him like a shadow, Jah Prayzah concedes he is under pressure to excel further.


“As an artiste who is perceived to have done a lot in the past 10 or so years as a professional, you always reach a point where you want to go an extra mile.


“This is the pressure that I have and I will continue evolving as an artiste until I come up with the brand that people can easily identify me with as is the case right now.


“I’m one such an artiste who would never become complacent because I have achieved a lot because I am still young with many years to sing,” he said.


Jah Prayzah said he would always celebrate his success with fans  and this time around Gwara is the present from the towering torch-bearer.


“Like I said earlier on, my 16-track album is the only present that I can give fans to sooth themselves in their homes.


“I know we are living in difficult times but I will continue giving fans this rare therapy of music to ensure that they are entertained no matter what situations they face.


“In my case, I have always been driven by circumstances and situations and I will always do my best for my fans,” he said.


As a youth icon who continues to touch hearts of many with his music, Jah Prayzah has a special advice to fellow musicians or would-be artistes.


“In every art form, there is need for one to be original as well as to keep evolving.


“In my case, I have realised that I can do better but there is need for me to be original so that I create a certain brand that people will always identify me with.


“Focus and hard work are some of the prerequisites needed in life for artistes to fully reach their potential and break new ground.


“In showbiz, we need to really work hard and think outside the box and create synergies with others to make it to the top,” he said.


When it comes to his creative edge which has made him a cut above the rest among his generation, Jah Prayzah said it was natural.


“As a person driven by passion, I am happy with what is happening in my career and I will always be grateful to God for the talent.


“I now appreciate some of the works I did before than the current ones I have because it’s a journey I have travelled.


“I’m just grateful that I am really doing what I want most which is music,” he added.


Despite releasing Gwara yesterday, Jah Prayzah boasts of a rich catalogue of albums comprising Hokoyo, Chitubu, Kutonga Kwaro, Mdara Achauya, Jerusarema, Sungano Yerudo, Tsviriyo among others.


He has also touched hearts of many with his visuals which have made him a darling of many across Africa and even beyond.


His trophy cabinet is laden with gongs won on home soil and beyond our borders, an endorsement befitting the star.Unlike most of his peers grounded on Covid-19 induced lockdown, Jah Prayzah has continued to break new ground due to diversification.


And all this success which took him a decade to achieve is as a result of professionalism, hard work  and passion.


As Jah Prayzah celebrates another milestone, it’s a deserved 34th birthday for the singer.

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