Bishop Dambaza was not a thief: Bishop Manhanga

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Bishop Dambaza was not a thief: Bishop Manhanga Bishop Trevor Manhanga


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

PENTECOSTAL Assemblies of Zimbabwe Bishop Trevor Manhanga described the death of the late Bishop Berry Dambaza as a way no one would wish to die and apologised to his family and the body of Christ saying they are sorry about the incident.

He described Bishop Dambaza as a man of integrity and faithful member of PAOZ that he is still to come to terms with why he decided to leave by committing suicide.

“I was saddened by social media reports that I see it best to take legal action or lay hands on them to recover because they are sick people for publishing malicious reports,” said Bishop Manhanga.

“Berry Dambaza was not a thief and the money reported to be on his suicide not is not church money but his personal money.

“We are still to receive all the reports surrounding his death and after that we will issue a statement.

“We never expected our minister to depart in such fashion and I would like to apologise to his family members, PAOZ members and to the body of Christ.

“If his death has left you with scratches, we are sorry and this has never happened in the history of PAOZ for the past 17 years of its existence.

“We have more questions than answers concerning his death and if there are some among PAOZ members who may come up with different divergence or theological dispositions, he was not God so as I am not God.

“So do not come to us to ask what Bishop Dambaza was thinking, no we are not God.

“According to police investigations no foul play was done and according to postmortem results he died from the wounds sustained from falling down,” said Bishop Manhanga.

He said they were surprised to learn about the suicide and were shocked to see a lifeless body of the man they ordained to the work of service.

He left mourners in stitches when he said Bishop Dambaza was at a bridal college when others were at a Bible College narrating how he got married to Sithembeni whom he met while studying theology.

Bishop Manhanga said the late’s last message he shared before a congregation was titled ‘Change my story’ and they will distribute the video soon.

“For the record PAOZ does not dissociates itself from the late Bishop Dambaza because of his death, we will stand with his family, Upper room will move on so as PAOZ,” said Bishop Manhanga promising to be with Upper Room’s next service.




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