Bishop Dambaza’s wife speaks

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Bishop Dambaza’s wife speaks Sithembeni Dambaza


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

BISHOP Berry Dambaza’s wife yesterday narrated sad incidents she experienced with her husband on the fateful day he threw himself to death from third floor during a funeral service in Milton Park.

Sithembeni Dambaza testified before mourners dismissing alleged infidelity allegations levelled against her over her husband’s suicide.

“When I received the sad news about the passing on of my husband my heart was broken,” said Sithembeni.

“I was not interested in following what was being posted on social media although someone wanted to share that with me.

“I just became emotional and promised to take legal action about it.

“People who know me know that whenever I stand on a pulpit to preach, I am not that kind of a person who is of loose morals.

“In fact my job is to correct what is not right and to rebuke what needs to be rebuked. That is me and my husband was different from me.

“If people tell you different stories it’s not true. I was not there when my husband passed on.

“I was attending to my mother in-law,” said Sithembeni.

She narrated how she made efforts to convince Bishop Dambaza to disclose what was troubling him since he was looking distressed.

Sithembeni said they were involved in an accident a day before the tragedy and how Bishop Dambaza was nearly assaulted at that accident scene.

“Things were not all good that Bishop Dambaza was nearly attacked by the person who was driving an unregistered vehicle.

Bishop Dambaza’s children

“Our vehicle was damaged but his vehicle was just scratched but the man assaulted Bishop Dambaza and he remained quiet.

“I asked my husband to get behind the wheel since he looked absent minded but he refused and we went home on Sunday.

“On Monday I kept on reminding him about the Bishops meeting but he said there was no meeting.

“Bishop Dambaza was very particular in making sure that every dollar is accounted for and he never misused any church money.

“He just told me that some of his personal money was not balancing well and that sounded disturbing from him but I encouraged him to move on.

“He wanted to buy a truck he said he would use in moving around preaching the gospel.

“He was a loving husband and I loved him too. He was very quiet and it is one of the characteristics that made me decide to marry him when we met in Zambia.

“People, including my relatives were used to calling me names saying I am ugly but God gave me a handsome man I loved and God gave us blessed children.”

Bishop Dambaza was born in 1960 in Zambia and moved to Zimbabwe in 1981 and met Sithembeni at a Bible College before they got married in 1988.

He pastored in Marondera and Kambuzuma and joined Pentecostal Assemblies of Zimbabwe Upper Room in 1996.

He served as a provincial overseer and a Bishop in charge of finance, administration evangelism and church planting till the time of his death.




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