Bitter row over maize field

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Bitter row over maize field


Georgina Takavadini, Court Reporter

A dispute over a maize field has landed two grandchildren in court, accused of insulting their uncle.

Muranganwa Makondo took his two grandchildren Talent and Monarch Makondo to the Civil Court where he accused them of insulting him and calling him a wizard.

Muranganwa said matter was once heard before Domboshava village head.

“I am their grandfather but they disrespect me.

“I gave their father a field so that they put structures but they are accusing me now; I want to take their field,” said Muranganwa.

He added:

“All along I have been quiet but they have pushed me to the corner that’s why I am seeking legal intervention.

“They even told me that I am not their grandfather yet I am a younger brother to their father’s father,” he said.

Talent disputed the claims of insulting their uncle and told the court that they were having a misunderstanding over a maize field.

He went on to say that Muranganwa had told them in front of the village headman that if they temper around with him he would kill them.

“Your worship I have minutes with me when the matter was once heard before our village headman.

“He even threatened us with death,” said Talent.

Monarch also concurred with what was said by Talent adding that Muranganwa wanted to ‘steal’ their land.

Presiding over the case, magistrate Tafadzwa Miti told the two to stop insulting their uncle and advised them to approach the chief or village headman to solve the issue.

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