Arron Nyamayaro

A ZENGEZA landlady, who connived with his tenant to fake his death, had been targeting her tenant’s brother, H-Metro has established.

Concilia Tabvunya, 42 faked the death of her tenant Kenny Tore, 49.

It has emerged that all this was a bizarre attempt by Concilia to try and lure Kenny’s brother, Tenson, who has dated her in the past, back into her arms.

Tenson disclosed the affair, and the crazy plans, at a family meeting to discuss the fake death issue.

To be honest, I was the first to be informed of the fake death,” said Tenson.

“I smelt a rat and sent someone to verify if Kenny had passed on.

“Upon his arrival, he was told that Kenny’s body was ferried to a hospital mortuary and I circulated the death message to our in-laws, family members and my mother’s relatives.

“I was in Shamva that day but I suspected that Concilia had faked this since she was looking for me.”

He added:

“Takambodanana tikakonana saka ndanga ndisisawanike.

“It is true that Kenny works for me and I failed to pay him part of his salary because he used to squander it drinking alcohol.

Ndini ndaipa landlady wake rent yake pese paaibhadhara pacho saka mwedzi mitatu iyi ndipo patanga takonana naConcilia.

“I do not owe Kenny US$800 but a hundred dollars only,” said Tenson.

He added:

“I am the one who took Kenny from the rural areas to Harare.

“I facilitated his employment at my former workplace until he left.”

Concilia denied dating Tenson describing him as too poor to support two wives.

“He lied to his family,” said Concilia.

Anotorojawo haana imba, haana mari saka anoiwanepi yekuchengeta vakadzi vaviri?

“I no longer want Kenny at my house they must help him to look for alternative accommodation,” she said.

She added:

“I deliberately ignored their call to meet me because they are too poor to settle the rentals and unpaid bills.”

Tore family spokesperson, Yasini Dhala, told H-Metro that they have agreed to settle Kenny’s rentals as well as acquire a welding machine for him to start his own business.

“We apologise to our family members, H-Metro readers, including our in-laws, for the circulation of fake death,” said Yasini.

“We held a family meeting and agreed to settle the rentals and bills.

“One of our sisters, based outside the country, promised to buy a welding machine for him as well.

“The faking of death affected us a lot than what those involved in the matter ever anticipated and we did not take it lightly.

“We expect people, especially the elderly, to respect the sanctity of life and observe our traditional norms,” said Yasini.

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