Black Opal receives facelift

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Black Opal receives facelift


27 September 2017

. . . incorporates new technology +pics

Black Opal has restaged to BLK/OPL.

The international brand managing director, Dheshan Naidu, who arrived on Sunday, said the move was much needed to keep up with trends and stay relevant.

BLK/OPL has added new products to their range, given a facelift to their old container designs but they said they have maintained the quality of their products.

Dheshan Naidu

Dheshan announced at a press conference that they made use of exclusive new shade ID color adjusting technology.

“We have a patented exclusive technology at Black Opal, Shade ID, it has micro particles that have color adjusting pigment and can be seen under a microscope.

“Faces are not one dimensional; with the right pigment there is absorption and reflection of light to ensure even and flawless coverage.

“The technology has an ability to go a shade up or down and expertly self adjust to true tone color match,” he said.

All of Black Opal products are manufactured in New York and Dheshan said they take pride in not having a middlemen.

The brand which was launched in 1994 was introduced to Zimbabwean customers two years later where it secured a spot as one of the best brands.

“BLK/OPL is like a stiletto in a room full of flats, make up gives out an added level of confidence.

“One of our slogans that we tend to use is ‘Straight from our labs in New York, to your lips or face.’

“We constantly strive to give women exactly what they want in terms of quality, perfection and trend.

“This started off as a beauty revelation, a lot of the brands start off with Caucasians skins and moved to deeper shades but ours was a revelation in the beauty industry to create a brand especially for women of color and it became a revolution,” Naidu said.

The global brand is slowly phasing out whilst introducing and familiarizing their customers with the new look.

In an effort to keep up the team said BLK/OPL’s attitude blends in well with their restaged version.

BLK/OPL will be hosting their annual competition which the international marketing director will be attending for the second time since it was brought to life.

BOFOZ will be held on Saturday and the 11 girls who will be battling it out attended the conference in full face makeup done by the brand’s artists.

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