Blessing Gomo to release 21 videos

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Blessing Gomo to release 21 videos BLESSING Gomo


Paul Pindani in CHINHOYI

SOUTH Africa based gospel musician Blessing Gomo is set to release 27 videos off his three albums which were released last year.

His manager Phineas Matanda of Phinmat Music, told H-Metro that the Kadoma-born singer is set to release the videos soon.

Gomo sings jazz, gospel and sungura.


He said that the videos are currently being shot in South Africa. ­


The videos are from his three albums that he released last year.


Matanda said the videos would be released soon in Zimbabwe. He said that Gomo’s music brings with it a fresh and exciting dimension to gospel music.


Gomo marked his entry into the public domain in 2015 and has recorded five albums to date. Matanda said Gomo made history when he recorded three albums at once last year.


He said that Gomo is no stranger in the music industry, as he has already showcased his talent by sharing the stage with established and prominent artistes such as Alick Macheso, Mathias Mhere, Mark Ngwazi, Romeo Gasa, Mambo Dhuterere, Blessing Shumba, Trymore Bande and many more. “Gomo released three albums at once. ­

The albums are Delete, Mukombe Wezodzo and Check My Record. Delete carries songs such as Emmanueri, Hosanah, Agape and the title track Delete,” said Matanda. ­

The album Mukombe Wezodzo consist of songs such as Baba vaJatiwero, Sei Vachidaro, Mukombe Wezodzo and Gavi Rinobva Kumasvuviriro.

His other album Check My Record has Jambwa, Kudzai Vabereki, Mwari Munenyasha, and Gore Jena.

“All his songs are a clear message of hope and encouragement to both the weary and strong. My duty and obligation as a manager is to make sure that I uplift fellow artistes in the country,” he said. He said despite the Covid-19 induced lockdown that has seen most artistes losing their sources of income, Gomo was ready to make his mark in the music indutsry.

“Gomo is now more than ready to add his voice among local gospel artistes,” said Matanda.

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