Blessing in disguise: Hadebe

19 Mar, 2020 - 16:03 0 Views
Blessing in disguise: Hadebe Teenage Hadebe


Chioniso Mashakada, Sports Reporter

Yeni Malatyaspor and Zimbabwe international defender Teenage Hadebe believes that Coronavirus is a blessing in disguise to the Zimbabwean football.

” I’m really scared of this virus it’s a scary thing.

“It’s affecting everything, people are dying but I think it’s a blessing in disguise to the Zimbabwean football.

“We were supposed to play Afcon qualifiers but because of this virus the matches were postponed. I think it is good for us because we did not have a venue and we will get enough time to renovate our stadiums so that we can play our matches at home.

“Everyone wants to play at home, fans want to see their national team playing at home. As for me I honestly want to play at Barbourfields, it’s been long since I played there, I last played there when I was still playing in the local league so it’s good for me to be at home.

“The suspension is an advantage to us as we have another chance to rectify our mistakes.

Asked about his safety in the Turkish League Hadebe said he’s safe but he got fear,

” Here they are treating us well but we are now forbidden to have handshakes only elbow greetings are allowed.

“The League is yet to be suspended we are still training the games are still on  but I heard that the Turkish Football Federation are having a meeting where they will discuss about the issue. Maybe we are also going to stop playing.

“I’m safe but at the same time I’m afraid, I can’t even visit a mall because the situation is getting higher and higher.

” I wish I could come back home but it seems like the airports might get closed anytime but I just want to be safe home.” he said



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