Blessing Shumba comparison is a Blessing: Scale

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Blessing Shumba comparison is a Blessing: Scale Patrick Scale


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RISING gospel artiste Patrick Scale says he feels honoured when music fans compare him to music legend Blessing Shumba.

Scale, who fronts The Last Seen Group, has taken the music industry by storm with his latest single titled Shamwari Yakanaka which is doing well on local radio’s music charts.

Blessing Shumba

As such, music fans have been quick to liken Scale’s singing style to that of Shumba.


Speaking to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle, Scale said he is not bothered that other music fans compare him to Shumba, saying it is a huge compliment to him to be likened to one of his idols.


“I feel very honoured to be compared and likened to one of my idols I look up to in the music industry.


“There are haters out there who want to call me a copycat but I am not, I have worked hard to be where I am today and what I have achieved is through hard work and dedication.


“So to be thought of in the same bracket as Blessing Shumba I take it as a huge compliment because we all know that Shumba is a legend, so I am moving in the right direction.


“I would love one to get a chance to meet my elder brother Shumba and a collaboration with him,” he said.


Scale, who has been in the music industry since 2016, has so far managed to release four albums which are Simba Rechiporofita in 2017, Muumbi Wehari (2018), Moyo Webenzi (2019) and Mandipa Mboni in 2020.


This year saw him release the track Shamwari Yakanaka which became an instant hit with music fans, though at first many thought it was Shumba’s latest single.


Fellow musician and Scale’s close friend – Robbie Mandiki – was full of praise and said Scale is moving in the direction and should not change his music style for no one.


“I have seen how Scale has been evolving in the industry and I can say I am impressed with his dedication.


“He should keep moving in the direction he is taking and should not change his style. As upcoming artistes, we wish to reach heights achieved by our elders in the industry,” he said.

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