Maria Chiguvari
RAPPER Bling 4 says he has nothing against Ti Gonzi following widespread speculation that the two have had a spectacular fallout.

The beef started when Runa Rulez, who is signed under Bling 4 music, dissed Ti Gonzi in a song.

Reports are that the song was posted on Bling 4’s TikTok account but the rapper dismissed the post and said it was posted by a ghost account.

Ti Gonzi responded by saying that his artist will also fire shots at Bling 4 and Runa Rulez.

“Have you ever been dissed by the people you love? The people you think you have inspired? Mupfanha uyu is very talented. Shots fired. ‘Dollar Fad neboys reHipu Hopu YekuGhetto will handle this for me.”

Speaking through his management, Bling 4, said Ti Gonzi was just trying to gain some relevance.

“There is absolutely nothing going on, he is just trying to gain relevance and maybe push some youngsters around his so-called label.

“It’s actually Runa Rulez who had a line on Ti Gonzi, Bling4 posted it and that is how he got caught up in the issue but there is absolutely no bad blood or beef.

“This was actually posted by a certain ghost account that claims to be Bling4,” said the camp.

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