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8 March 2019

BULAWO Matalikilo Trust executive director Anna Mandizha Ncube says they will support the Ministry of Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Developments to commemorate the International Women’s Day in Hwange rural wards.

BMT as a local organisation, said it will continue intensifying its work to ensure that issues pertinent to women will be addressed.

“On this day, we celebrate women’s achievements over the centuries to date, in pushing and addressing issues pertinent to women universally.

“As women we still have issues which need to be spoken louder than before, that still need to be echoed strongly. Issues around social status of women from a traditional and religious perspective,” Ncube said.

She added:

“There are cultural and religious norms that continue to bind women and girls and deter them achieving as well as dictating to think along a certain train of thought which deprives women and girls economically including their social standing.

“Culturally, women are not able to make independent decisions within family n economic sphere because of the patriarchal nature of our society and culture. Culture is used to underpin social expectations of a woman.

“Religious beliefs and norms are used to castigate the independent thinking woman. To determine what defines a woman based on misinterpreting the bible to confine women. When homage is paid to church elders women are in the front of paying homage to man who will religiously supress them through doctrines that don’t recognise women as custodians of power or decision.”

When asked on what can be to truly make a positive change for women, Ncube said:

“Women need to take up key position at policy in decision making levels across the divide. To ensure that women draw policy n decisions that positively impact the life of women across the divide. We need our culture to recognise that women or girl children can be regal and paramount Chiefs, Headmen. Currently we have women village heads.

“The various religious cultures need to stop taking women leaders in pastoral and administrative work and ensure there is meaningful inclusion. We have practises that break and demean women that are enforced by church leaders in the name of discipline.

“Shaming of girls in front of a whole congregation for being impregnated but the male elders left to go scot free.

“If we had meaningful women participation in those decision making spaces within the religious structures no woman would support the shaming of girls and women in the name of religion and we would see more perpetrators within the church being prosecuted thereby ending our perennial challenge with SGBV.”

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