Bob Marley rising through me: Soul Jah Love

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Bob Marley rising through me: Soul Jah Love Soul Jah Love


14 September 2017

Soul Jah Love

Zim Dancehall man of the moment, Soul Jah Love feels loved after his fans scrambled to greet him during the just ended Harare International Carnival where they demanded more from him.

The vibrant chanter reiterated that Bob Marley’s spirit is rising through him as witnessed by the impact he is making through his music.

Jah Love was billed to perform after Durben Knight, Winky D , Andy Muridzo, Sibusisiso and immediately after Winky’s performance fans began to throw cans hitting the speakers calling for his performance.

In the process the fans were calling for Jah Love before the system was switched off and fans were ordered to leave the place around 1 am.

In an interview he said:

“We were billed to perform around 6 am and the system had some hitches for close to an hour and we were called to come and perform.

“When I got on stage people stopped the mischief and I witnessed love as people scrambled to greet me.

“We had done well during street party and people showed us love.

“Takavharisa town, carnival yanga yakuita kunge yekumba kwedu vanhu vachitiza kwaive nedzimwe mota vachiuya kwataive tiri.

“We put 100 percent effort and performed more than 2 hours and we feel Zimbabwe showed some love and is proud of us.”

His brother Baba Paris also said:

“Everyone is happy about the performance and this is a sign that Jah is the true king of Zim Dancehall chero vamwe vakavenga ndiye ari kudiwa nevanhu.

“He has matured in his music and there is no difference with international artistes from Jamaica.

“He has a song yaakaimba achiti mapfupa a Bob Marley apfukira paari ichokwadii zvinhu zvacho zvakumberi, its proving by each passing day.

“He is promising more to his legion of fans kunyangwe kuma haters’ tichavatendeutsa nemimhanzi kuti vagonakirwa.

“We also want to thank promoters for everything zvanga zvakarongeka, especially Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, nevese vakatitsigira.”

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