Bodyslam speaks on election defeat

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Bodyslam speaks on election defeat Simba ‘BodySlam' Chakare


13 August 2018


. . . It was a learning curve:

Music promoter and socialite Simbarashe Bodyslam Chakare, who contested as an independent candidate for the Highfield Ward 26 council seat during the harmonised elections, has conceded defeated after he came second from the elections results.

Chakare, who was contesting for the first time and garnered more than 3000 votes, said he had learnt a lot and was now preparing for 2023 elections.

“I am so grateful to all the people who voted for me during the recent elections.

“Though I did not make it in attaining the seat, I was a force to reckon with considering that I had more than 3 000 votes.

“This was a learning curve for me considering that it was my first time contesting and I will keep on working with the people of Highfield.

“I was not discouraged by the loss, I was actually inspired and I am now preparing for 2023 elections and I will not focus on any other political seat, I will stick to the council seat,” he said.

Chakare said during the 45 days of campaigning, he met a lot of people and his message was clear on development of the community.

“My strategy was different from my other contestants because some of them would buy people alcohol just to entice the voters but my team and I had no time for that.

“Instead of enticing voters we did developmental programs in the community and we do not regret losing our money and other resources that we used,” he said.

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