Zvikomborero Parafini 

TWO men, who were masquerading as police officers and terrorising a local gas company, have been arrested and appeared in court yesterday charged with impersonation.

Edmore Majowiro and Olton Dzikiri appeared before magistrate Ethel Chichera and were remanded in custody to tomorrow for bail considerations.

Circumstances are that in March, Majowiro went to Intergrated Gas company and introduced himself as police officer who was stationed at ZRP Makoni.

He asked for the company’s ZERA licence and the employee on duty, Simbarashe Masvaure, phoned his general manager, Romeo Makudo. 

Makudo went to the site and attended to Majowiro who then demanded US$5 and was given the money. 

On April 3, the company was arrested for failure to display prices.

The company was closed down by ZERA official Delight Dabengwa and Harare Licence Inspectorate’s Constable Walter Muri and Vengwa. 

Two days later, Majowiro revisited the company and enquired from the employee why they had been closed down by ZERA.

He claimed he had a contact at ZERA who could help the company.

The next day, Dzikiri went to the company’s premises claiming he was from ZERA and had the capacity to era and was in a position to have the site reopened.

He was given Makudo’s contact number. 

After calling Makudo, he then asked for US$100 as payment and was handed the money.

After a week, another person approached the firm and demanded US$30 but was given US$10.

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