Bogus police officer nabbed

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Bogus police officer nabbed


27 February 2017


A BOGUS police officer was arrested while four others are on the run after a fake roadblock they mounted near state house did not go well as planned.

An eye witness who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed the incident to H-Metro saying the fake police were trying to arrest a traffic offender.

“The bogus police officers identified themselves as members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police and were in uniforms which even had their force numbers.

“The bogus police officers stopped one Milton Shumba, a driver from The Patriot who was accompanied by his wife and said they must pay a fine because they had crossed red traffic lights,” he said.

The driver is said to have refused to pay, which led to his arrest whilst his wife was taken to a nearby car belonging to the fake police which made Shumba suspicious.

“Shumba tried to escape from them but the other police officer was in the car forcing him to hit a tree.

“When the police officer saw what had happened and sensing trouble he tried to escape getting out of the car saying, “mumota mune nyoka umu,’’ he added.


A brave civilian is said to have tried to stop the police officer from escaping which led to the capture of one of the five.

The other four accomplices drove off with Shumba’s wife and later dropped her at the University of Zimbabwe entrance.

The matter is said to have been reported to the police leading to the arrest of the bogus officer with his accomplices still at large.

Of late bogus police officers are wreaking havoc around the country.

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