Zvikomborero Parafini 

A BOGUS ZAAC official, who masqueraded as an anti corruption official to try and dribble his way from paying for a traffic offence in Harare, was arrested after the Commission disowned him.

Lanky Chikoti appeared before magistrate Stanford Mambanje yesterday and was released on US$200 bail.

The court heard that on March 12, officials from City of Harare Traffic Section, led by Sergeant Alexio, were on duty at the corner of Fife Avenue and Leopold Takawira when they noticed a Mercedes Benz badly parked along Fife Avenue.

One of the City of Harare Traffic officers approached Chikoti and advised him the had broken the city’s traffic by-laws and they were going to seize his vehicle.

Chikoti allegedly told the officer that they could not seize his vehicle since he was a Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission officer on duty.

He went on to flash an identify card at the traffic officer.

The officer demanded to look at the identity card and saw that it had Chikoti’s details and the name of the organisation he belonged to was called National Anti-Corruption.

The officer told him that he wanted to consult his superior, who was about 50 metres away.

They called the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission to confirm if Chikoti was one of them and they were told he didn’t work for the Commission.

Chikoti tried to flee but was nabbed by other officers when he got stuck in traffic.

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