Boltcutter defends practices

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Boltcutter defends practices Prophetes Boltcutter


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A LOCAL prophetess has defended her practices saying she is guided by the bible.

Prophetess Boltcutter has come under scrutiny after her videos circulated on social media with some equating her practices to spiritualist rituals.

Prophetess Boltcutter, also known as Bhobhojani, says she is guided by the bible

The Resurrected Life International Church leader is seen using robes and breaking clay pots while helping people – a development that left people questioning whether she is a prophetess, traditional healer or apostolic (madzimai).

“Yes, people may question how I operate, asking why I use clay pots and other robes that are associated with mapostori and sometimes traditional healers (n’anga) but I would say everything that I do has biblical reference.

“If you refer to the bible, the word of God in Jeremiah Chapter 19, prophet Jeremiah is given the instruction by God to go and buy a clay jar to deal with a problematic generation. And I equate that to problems facing people in their day to day living. Be it married, illness, business misfortune, drug addicts, goblins, spiritual husbands and wives. These are the problems given reference to by Prophet Jeremiah and he was instructed by God to go and buy a clay jar and use it.

“So people might see controversy in the use of these things by someone in Pentecostal or prophetic movement like me but it’s not new. The problem is people have for long associated this with traditional healers or have seen it being used by mapostori,” she said.

The prophetess, who grabs the attention whenever she goes live on her Facebook page, says she actually breaks the clay pot every time she attends to people.

“I actually use these clay pots when helping people, I engage people depending on their problems. I break the clay pot after prophesying and give the person some red oil to use.

“Some of the examples include women who have problems with husbands engaging in adultery. Men who are having sexual problems for example if the manhood is no longer functional,” she said.

The Prophetess grabs attention whenever she goes live on her Facebook page, Prophetess Boltcutter

Prophetess Boltcutter, also known as Bhobhojani has seen her name grabbing attention, and she explained it.

“The reason I call myself prophetess Boltcutter or Bhobhojani spanner is because of the nature of problems I deal with. As you know that tool is used for strong nuts or when people want to break something, either repairing even a break in into a bank.

“When there is tight security, that is where you use that.  So my name represents what I do, I deal with difficult situations by force. I meet people who talk of being in difficult situations for 10 to 15 years and that is where I come in. That’s what the name simply means,” she said.

She says she has been operational for over a decade now, helping people in various parts of the world.

“I received a calling back in 2010 and after realizing that more people are coming I then decided to take it full time around 2017. Not that I have been doing it part time, but committing myself to be the servant of God alone and nothing else.

“Through social media, I engage with people in countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Germany and Australia. We will continue engaging, unfortunately Covid-19 has been restrictive but with the grace of God we will unlock all the nuts troubling you.”


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