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BOMBER ON COURSE Elvis 'The Bomber' Moyo


15 August 2018

ELVIS “Bulawayo Bomber” Moyo is confident he will be able to get rid of at least 8kg before his return to the hexagon.

The boxer, who is 6kg over, will be back in the ring on September 8 in South Africa, the last match on his contract.

Yesterday Moyo said he was working on having the right weight for the match which he will no longer be facing Wessel Mostert.

“I was supposed to fight Mostert . They replaced him with Gerard. He fought well last time so hopefully he is going to give me a good fight.

“Anyway, everything is going on well. I’m just 6 kg over and I have three to four weeks to get it right. It is basically nothing. Actually I will cut eight. My target is 117,” said Moyo.

He added that he was working on his weaknesses.

“I’m struggling with sparring and the only guy who is coming through is coming on Saturday. I need to be sparring at least three times a week but I’m only sparring once a week. That is the only lacking department.

“My preparations are all good and I’m excited to be going back to the hexagon,” he said.

Of late, Moyo has been breaking new grounds and his focus is on using his newly found partners to build his reputation as a heavyweight champion.

“And I think it also has to do with Kwese, Econet and Kalakoda promotions. I needed to get rid of this last fight and then see how high I can go.

“I have been in boxing so I’m super sharp. Just adding one or two things,” said Moyo.

Moyo last fought in a cage fight in November last year when he defeated Nico Yamdjie through a judge decision.

Now he seems more preoccupied with defending his WBF All- Africa Heavyweight title and getting more lucrative heavyweight matches outside the hexagon.

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