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27 April 2018

. . . in boxing extravaganza

ELVIS “Bulawayo Bomber” Moyo is targeting a knock-out when he faces Ukrainian Maksym Pedyura, but promises a show in the process at City Sports Centre tonight.

The promoters, Kalakoda of South Africa, are happy the fights lined up have an international flair, with Kwese expected to give the boxers a larger audience.

The fights include one between Monalisa Sibanda and Chiedza Homakoma for the national lightweight crown.

Ronald Tamani and Tinashe “Chairman” Mwadziwana is another big contest with the winner becoming the country’s new super bantamweight champion.

But it is the Bomber show that should keep fans on the edge of their seats at the Friday Fight Night series.

“I’m planning to stop him. So the better he comes strong, the more I can make a break. As you can see I’m going international and this is my first step into Europe,” said Moyo.

And not even the Ukrainian’s height is intimidating the Zimbabwean.

“It doesn’t worry me. He is taller and it works in two ways. He is taller he has got reach but in my world he is taller and he is the last target I can miss. I cannot miss him with any punch.

“That doesn’t worry me as well. I fought Bernard last year and he moves faster than this guy. He is a Kenyan boxer, he moves well. So I’m good at that.”

Boxing in Zimbabwe in on the rise since Kwese came on board, and many officials believe this could be the beginning of something big in Africa.

Tonight Wesley McDade also comes face-to-face with Democratic Republic of Congo’s Chris Bobo in a super middleweight duel.

WBF African Cruiserweight Champion Chamunorwa “Sting” Gonorenda takes on Djokito Sakuji from the DRC as well, a non-title bout.

Moyo said: “Well, I appreciate what Kwese, Econet and Kalakoda are doing. I was saying to the guys I think I can also start pulling my own weight, talking to the boxing board and see if I can register my own promotion.

“Whilst I’m boxing, I start promoting young and upcoming fighters, promote one or two fights to keep them coming. By the time I retire most of them will have 10, 15 to 20 fights, and they will be ready to face the world.”

But before he can look into the future, the Bomber has to explode today.

“I have already concluded that I will drop him tomorrow but the most important thing is the show. Like I said, I expect him to resist. But of course, the fighter looks tough before you hit him with a punch.

“When you hit him with a punch, he starts running and it turns into a miserable fight. It can go like that. But I would like him to resist and punch back, like I expect from all opponents so that they can bring the best from me. That is all that the fans want to see,” he said.

Monalisa Sibanda said: “This fight is delayed. I have already won and I promise the whole nation a victory.

“I’m a Hebrew woman, a woman with power. It has been 23 years in boxing, fighting. I have all my teeth so don’t worry. There is no sweets without sweat. So I’m ready for the challenge. The victory is mine.”

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