Bona shares a moment

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Bona shares a moment


Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

BONA Mugabe shared with the nation her sorrow and gratitude with their coming in numbers to welcome the body of her father and former President Robert Mugabe at the airport yesterday.

Bona, sitting next to her husband Simba Chikore, opened the window to face the crowd as they cheered with some in tears as the body leaves Robert Mugabe International Airport.

Some of the mourners wept before a moment of silence engulfed the whole nation connecting point as military commanders led proceedings.

Churches from various denominations were singing, interceding and uttering spiritual hymns as they waited for the arrival of the body.

Chimurenga choir made their seductive dances chanting revolutionary songs while some including slay queens were busy posing for selfies celebrating their first time to get close to the runway.

“I came to witness the arriving of our former President Mugabe and I am happy that he made it possible for me to be near an aeroplane,” said one of the young ladies refusing to identify self.

“Tisingoita zvekuona vanhu vatobuda mundege asi nekuda kwavaMugabe nhasi ndapinda panhandare yendege sezvo ndisati ndamboikwira.

“Bona and her husband gave us their faces and I felt humbled, touched and wish them along with Amai Mugabe more grace in this time of sorrow.

“I will be very grateful if I will make it to the Blue Roof as well as Zvimba where the former President used to stay,” she added.

Some of the mourners expressed their deepest love with the former head of State showering praise of making them masters of their destiny.

One of the guests Kingstone Mushunje of Mt Pleasant who had a new t-shirt with the face of the former President Mugabe showered praises to the late.

“VaMugabe vakatipa dzidzo uye vakatikurudzira kuti tivevashandirwi kwete kungoda kutsvaga basa,” said Mushunje.

“I kept my t-shirt with his face until now and I have more photographs of him for my and family history,” said Mushunje.

Airport Road was busy and residents of Hatfield waited along the road dotted with police officers waved in sorrow as the body passes by.


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