Book fair-Piracy

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Book fair-Piracy


26 October 2018

Humphrey Chidemo

BOOK publishers yesterday complained about breach of copyright as their books are being photocopied with them not getting any royalties.

Humphrey Chidemo of Consultus Publishing Services piracy had caused decrease in sales of books in the last few years.

He said this at the ongoing Harare International Book Fair in the capital.

Anna Sibanda Chief Editor of Mambo Press

“Piracy has taken over the happiness of book writers and publishers through theirs unfair acts of gaining someone’s hard earned money.

“The problem is growing bigger as each day passes and I think it needs drastic measures by the responsible authorities to do away with piracy.

“Before the publishers get to enjoy their benefits the book will be all over the streets and at times at the book shop entrances,” he said.

Chidemo said they were hoping for the best as the relevant authorities had been promising to punish those who are found practicing piracy.

“Most parents are resorting to the street book sellers as they sell the books at a very lower prices.

“They are not affected by the lower prices they charge for books because they did not face many expenses while reproducing those copies they sell.

“It’s everyone’s duty to educate parents on the dangers of buying books from the streets.”

He added:

“The books they sell are of poor quality and they can even damage the children’s eye sight while trying to figure out what is written.

“The books are also in black and white and that does not help young children in learning colours.

“A picture of something has to go along with the colour for instance banana is yellow and not black, hence, it should be like that.”

Chidemo said a book was something special for children and they should be handled with care for the future generations.

“A book goes for inspection before being sold out and such laws don’t apply to the street book sellers, hence, their products cannot be trusted.

“A real book needs to be durable so that parents will not have to buy the same book each year for their five children.

“This applies even in schools, the school has many projects to do rather than buying texts books every year, therefore, they must buy original copies from registered book shops,” he said.

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